Hi there !!

My name is Vanessa and I’m a Bombay based certified makeup artist and hairstylist.

Like most kids, I think the first time I wore makeup was for a school function- foundation that never matched the skin or compact that made us look like ghosts, blush was never enough and the wonky application of the lipstick were a staple.

But things changed as I got into college. I noticed more often than never how it could transform a person. My journey with makeup began when I experimented with moms lipstick or added kajal just like my friends would do. I got more curious about how makeup works and ended up buying an eyeshadow pallet. I’ve always enjoyed a good paint session just that this time my canvas and brushes were slightly different. I enjoyed the process and the compliments that followed.

Once I graduated college and realized the corporate world was not my calling, I enrolled at the Fatmu pro makeup academy for a profession training course and the rest is history!

This blog is to showcase my work over the years, to inspire fellow makeup aspirants to begin their journey and to share my learnings in the fields of skin care, makeup and hairstyling for MEN and WOMEN.

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My final academy shoot – 24th January 2020- Fatmu pro makeup academy