From beginner to a professional

Natasha is an established Mua with 20 years of experience in the makeup industry. An educator, entrepreneur and lover of all things creative. She co-founded the first of its kind educational institute for aspiring makeup artist ‘Fat-mu’ 13 years ago in Mumbai India.

After flying for 8 years, she decided to walk a different route and mastered the art of makeup. Today a sort after Mua and well-known name in the industry I was fortunate to get a few moments to interview her.

Due to a mismatched scheduled, we weren’t able to do a video interview. Hence the text interview is a summary of the key highlights of my discussion with Natasha, founder of Fat Mu.

Tell us a bit about your journey and what challenges did you face.

My journey began with the end of my career in the aviation industry. Having flown for 8 years as a member of the cabin crew I decided it was time to get my feet back on land. I loved travelling and wanted to incorporate my love for travel into my new adventure. Coming from a family of artists, it felt right to go back to my roots. That’s where my adventure with the world of makeup began.

After my certification in London, I juggled two internships to hone my craft. Finally, I decided to come back to India and work. And that gave rise to Fat mu.

I had to overcome a lot of hurdles. Being creatively inclined I also had to learn the technical part of running a business. Dealing with vendors, clients meeting deadlines, growing a team and building on the brand. It all was a learning experience. This pandemic too has served as a teacher to take a moment and evaluate.

What would your advice be to newcomers?

Always hone your craft. Take up challenges and accept criticism with a pinch of salt. Keep learning. Not just your skill but be an all rounder and build your brand. Define what sets you apart.

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